Fathers for the Future focuses on emotional factors in financial decision-making. 

Our programs build on the innate desire to connect to one’s family and to provide for them. We help fathers understand the financial context of budgeting, saving and setting priorities, and we are resolutely real-world in our training and coaching.

Fathers for the Future’s Money Management program has three main parts:

Money Management Workshops: This 3-workshop series covers basics of personal finance, including setting and working toward financial goals, developing household budgets, avoiding money scams and pitfalls, and the importance of having emergency savings. The classes are specifically designed for fathers — their goals, interests, and challenges.

Fathers Mentoring Fathers: After completing the workshop series, Fathers are eligible to get extra support from a financial mentor. Participating fathers will be matched with Mentor fathers. All of the fathers will participate in group mentoring through round-table discussions in which fathers identify and pursue short-, middle-, and long-term financial goals. Fathers in these groups understand each other’s challenges and offer encouragement and support along the way. The individual mentors will follow-up with monthly one-on-one conversations to check on their mentee’s progress toward established goals.

Fathers Fellowship Network: Fathers who have participated in the workshop series will be eligible to join our alumni network. This group will organize regular events which will feature guest speakers, professional networking, sharing success stories, honoring board members and dedicated volunteers, etc. These events will serve as a platform for spreading awareness of Fathers for the Future while providing more in-depth information on more advanced financial topics with the fathers.

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